Do You…

Spend what seems like all of your waking hours dwelling on food, feeling guilty about what you ate, and obsessing over a “plan” to avoid the same thing tomorrow?

Feel guilty when you haven’t had the ‘perfect meal’ and immediately think, “well there you go again! Do you want to be as big as you are? Why aren’t you trying harder? You are such a failure!”

Know your own methods have only made you miserable (but the idea of learning to trust and love your body sounds like the only thing you haven’t really tried, but you don’t know how to get over the hurdle of being so embarrassed about and terrified of weight gain?)

Desperately struggle with knowing what to do and what to eat but not being able to make anything STICK?

Get tired of untagging your Facebook photos, living in constant fear of what others are thinking of your body and missing out on those moments with your friends/family because you’re in your head obsessing over food all the time?


in exactly the right place.

If you’re over scouring the internet for the next best diet book, eating clean book, paleo books and searching for the “right” solution…

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. Of hating yourself. Of making promises to yourself that you don’t keep. Of setting goals you can’t possibly reach.

If you don’t understand why you’re still binging because you feel so much better when you’re eating healthy…

If you feel exhausted from the fight: You’re tired of dieting, of thinking if you JUST had more willpower, of saying for the 7,689th time “I WILL start again on Monday!”

I’ve got exactly what you’ve been looking for:

an incredible step-by-step program that teaches you how to let go of the food fight (with a community of amazing women encouraging and supporting you along the way!)

What Exactly Is This 6 Month Program?



The Normal Eaters Club is a 6-month membership program that shows you how to stop obsessing over food and start living the life you were meant to live! (Yes, it IS possible for you 🙂 )

“This group is like an anchor to me.

It keeps me in the “real” world rather than in the never-never-land of dieting mentality. Thanks to modern technology the group is always there – a post, whether venting, presenting a problem or celebrating some advance, always brings some positive response.

It is so reassuring to know that I am not alone in my struggles with weight, self-care and mindfulness. I also enjoy the sense of close connection (and fun!) that Jenn’s video calls and live chats bring.

Since joining the group I have become a former dieter, a never-again dieter, – with the tools to make a real difference to my relationship with foodI am finally beginning to Eat to Live, rather than Live to Eat!”

-Penny, New Zealand

A Sneak Peek Inside the Normal Eaters Club

Imagine how you would feel…
if you stopped giving a damn about that number on your scale, loved the way your jeans fit right now (and not 10, 30, or 70+ pounds from now), cancelled your membership to the lifelong dieters club, and knew exactly what to do every time you felt like you wanted to eat the entire pantry…

You’d feel, well… normal!

  • Free from the 24/7 obsessive food thoughts. Be present when you’re with your friends and family and remember what it’s like to enjoy life.

  • Free from counting calories. Enjoy your meals without that voice in your head punishing you.

  • Free from the frustration of not being able to control your relationship with food and your weight. Get the guidance you need to help you finally win the mental battle.

  • Free from self-hate. Feel at ease in your body, in your clothes and when you look in the mirror.

  • Free from the up and down and up again weight battle. Once you have the tools to control your binge eating and daily cravings you’ll be free from the up and down again weight cycle.

But You’re Afraid…

  • Because you’ve done it all in your quest to lose weight: diets, drugs, cleanses, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, 5:2, clean eating, cutting out carbs, and counting Macros, which may work for a bit but then the stress hits and you return to your old patterns.

  • Because you’ve sworn on everything you own that you won’t ever binge again, but it never lasts.

  • Because you feel like food controls you and you just can’t stop obsessing over it.

  • Because you feel overwhelmed and confused about which “way of eating” is best: paleo, plant-based, low fat, Atkins, Zone, etc.

  • Because you’re afraid if you don’t diet, you’ll never lose weight and have the body you have now forever.

  • Because you’ve heard (or know) that diets don’t work but don’t know what else to do.

  • Because you can’t seem to make anything stick and you’re positive if you stop dieting, you’ll become obese.

  • Because you’ve failed every time you’ve tried to lose weight (because you always end up gaining it back).

  • Because you’ve tried so many things it’s hard for you to even believe you can “be normal” around food.

But What If I Told You That You Just Haven’t Been Given The RIGHT Solution?



The solution isn’t out there. The solution is within you.

The Normal Eaters Club is designed to help you “unlearn” all of the destructive habits that don’t serve you, and reconnect with something that’s been inside you all along: your own body’s wisdom. (And yes, it IS inside of you…it may just take some time to learn to hear it again!).

THIS is how you create LASTING change. So that you never have to get seduced into another quick fix again.

“It feels amazing to have come so far. I’ve learned to let go, to let my own life unfold and just enjoy the now. I can’t believe I am not walking around feeling so heavy and hating my body and myself anymore. I NEVER thought it was possible but Jenn helped me get here (and it is wonderful!)”

-Josie, Australia

As a member, here’s what you’ll get ACCESS TO…

A Step By Step Curriculum Through the 5 Stages of Normal Eating

You’ll move through the 5 stages to “Normal Eating” and what you should be focusing on. Each week, you’ll get lessons, videos, and tutorials breaking down the biggest issues of finding food freedom. (**Access to over 40 lessons!) You will get the exact steps that hundreds of other women have followed to become “normal”.

“ Where Am I Stuck?” Library

You’ll get access to over 40 five minute actionable videos that help you in the moment you’re stuck (How Do I Stop Thinking About Weight 24/7? • How Do I Stop Myself From Starting A Binge? • What Do I Do When I Hate Trying On New Clothes? • This Is Hard & Tedious. How Do I Stick With It? and so many more…)

60 Min Monthly Coaching Call

Each month, I’ll host a group coaching call with a “dive deeper” lesson on what we’re focusing on for the month. This is a powerful way to hear other’s stories  (many of the struggles are the same, so you’ll hear “yourself” in other women as they get coached!)

Monthly Themes and Journal Reflections

Each month there will be a theme and guided journal questions to help take you deeper. We’ll go in depth on loving your body, ending perfectionism, dealing with emotions, and so much more!

Private Facebook Community

A secret Facebook group to connect with other women just like you! This is an incredibly powerful place to connect with other women and get 1:1 coaching from me.

As a result of this program, I have been able to relax my extremely stringent views around food.
My husband and I just returned from our 2-week honeymoon in Italy. In addition to taking in all the sights, we REALLY enjoyed all of the food. I returned home completely satisfied with everything I ate, AND a couple of pounds lighter.

Before this program, I would have spent the entire trip stressing about all the bread, pasta, pizza, and gelato, not even noticed what we saw or did, binged on the last couple days of the trip (because I hadn’t let myself eat anything up until that point), and gained 5 pounds as a result.

But because of this program, I was able to fully enjoy one of my favorite things in the world—travelling to a new place and immersing myself in the culture.

I would recommend this program to anyone who struggles with dieting/binging, body image and weight. It is challenging, but life-changing and totally worth it.

- Becky, North Carolina


I’ve Been Exactly Where You Stand.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve lived through the despair and frustration of a disordered eating for 12 years and I know how life consuming it is. I’ve been 105 pounds and 165 pounds. I’ve gained and lost those same 60 pounds over and over throughout the years. I lived my life in anxiety and fear that if I let myself “lose control” my weight would uncontrollably spiral out of control.

I didn’t think it was possible for me. I almost accepted that it would just be one of those “things” I would struggle with for the rest of my life. I came so close to giving up…but I’m glad I didn’t.

You may be scared that you will never really “fix” your problems. You may have tried everything and nothing has given you lasting change. You may stress about every morsel that goes into your mouth and wonder if it’s even possible to eat normally and not think about it…


It is possible!

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who never thought they would be free of binge eating, insatiable cravings, and the obsession with food, but they made it to the other side, and I want to help you do the same.

The Normal Eaters Club is a journey towards freedom. This is the process that took me from being knee-deep in a world obsessed with controlling my food and body to living a life free from the burden of thinking about my weight every waking second of the day.

Building a life of freedom around food, eating, weight, and body won’t be easy. It is a journey for the brave souls who truly want to heal these issues and live a life meant for greatness. You know deep down, that there has to be another way besides the way you’re currently living. Although disappointment has been a constant companion for you in your struggle with food and battle with your weight you still hold out a teeny tiny piece of hope that you can someday overcome this.


If you’re ready to start your path to freedom, join us. All kinds of fear and resistance can pop up along the way, but if there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s that you don’t have to take this journey alone. I’m here to help you work through those blocks and self-doubt so you can heal and move forward.

Let’s do this!


Eating in a way that is normal for YOU! (Not counting points and calories, weighing and measuring, and logging and tacking).

No more torturing yourself with rule-riddled diets. Letting go of obsessing about what foods you should or shouldn’t eat.

Having solutions to deal with your emotions (and to stop eating as a solution to your problems when life throws you a curve ball (and life always throws curve balls!).

Knowing in your head that you are a great mom, daughter, friend, and woman (and seeing in your heart all of the things others see about you).

Accepting yourself and just feeling…happy with your life.

Eating a spoonful of ice cream and then just being done.

Feeling comfortable naked in front of your significant other.

This Is What’s Possible For You.

The Benefits


You’ll move forward, faster. 
Cut through information overload–you’ll get something to focus on each week (with off weeks to integrate).  I’ll be offering support, practical tips, clear guidance, and inspiration to help you move forward in your journey. This 6 month step-by-step program moves you through the 5 stages of normal eating to get you what you want, faster than doing it alone.

Feel supported in the moments you need it most (so you continue to make consistent progress!)
Gone are the days where you struggle to get the support and accountability you need. When you find yourself “in trouble” and you’re having a bad day, discouraged by your lack of progress, the membership has all of the tips and tools you’ll need to gently lead you back on track. Plus, the Facebook community is full of encouragement and support!

Release old behaviors and destructive habits.
You can stop repeating the same mistakes and getting into the same sticky situations over and over again. You can log in anytime and get the answers to your burning questions and get help in the moment. This will enable you to take action immediately and create lasting change.

24/7 inspiration and support.
It’s easy to feel like you’re making progress on good days, but it’s much harder to stay on this path when you’re struggling and want to give up. All you have to do is tune in and watch any one of the videos in the site and your faith in yourself will be restored.

You’ll save money!
As long as you’re a member, you’ll get special rates on 1:1 sessions and any digital products I offer.

You don’t have to go at this alone!
One of the hardest parts of this journey is having to bear the weight of the food and body struggle on your own. You’ll finally get the step by step tools you need and 24/7 support so that you’ll gain more and more freedom!

Who is this for?


…you’re tired of chasing every bit of advice you find on the internet, never knowing if the hot new cleanse, smoothie, or whatever will actually help YOU,
…you know a ton about nutrition and what healthy foods you “should” be eating but have trouble including those foods in your meals and then beat yourself up about it,
….you’re struggling with food issues, weight obsession, emotional eating, or you’ve lost the same 10, 40, or 100+ pounds over and over again,
…you’re serious about doing the work required to heal to get you results,
…you’re willing to commit to changing your lifestyle to support your desire to be free of the obsessive thoughts about food and your weight,
…then The Normal Eater’s Club can help you see the progress you’ve been daydreaming about.


…you have a serious eating disorder that requires medical attention,
…you’re looking for an easy way out & not willing to do any “work”,
…you’re searching for a quick fix to put a band-aid over the issues behind your eating habits,
…you’re only looking for a weight loss solution,

…then sorry, my dear, this program isn’t suited to your needs. (This can be a great supplemental program, but is NOT a substitute for professional help if that is where you are)


So What To Do Now?

Start Your Journey


Sign Up & Create Your Account

Join The Normal Eaters Club, Create An Account And You’ll Get Access To All Of Your Resources Immediately.


The Curriculum Starts June 1st, 2022

You’ll Get Step-By-Step Instructions With The Group And A “Pre-Start” Lesson!


Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall & Find Something That Works!

You’ll Dive Into The Exact Process To Normal Eating With A Supportive Group Along The Way!

(1x payment of $497)

(3x payment, month 1, 3, 5 of $197)


“I gave up weighing, measuring, and counting calories. This has been huge for me. It has freed my mind and spirit. As a result, I have dropped a ton of weight (I can tell by my clothes and people’s comments, and just by looking in the mirror)

I now ALLOW all foods-even those I used to binge on-in my home. It’s funny – now that I can have them, there is no urge to eat the whole bag. I can have a few one day, none the next and move on. Food is not occupying my every thought.

Finally, food has lost its power over me for the first time in over 20+ years. I am learning to listen to my body and eat when I feel hungry (and I don’t worry if it is a “healthy” or “appropriate” dinner food!)”

-Amelia, Kentucky

In the 6 months program, you’ll get:

Access to the Step-by-Step Normal Eaters Club Cirriculum
You will get instructions on how to go from where you are to normal eating. Get the step by step lessons to help you find the freedom you’ve been seeking around food. This includes detailed lessons with transcripts and worksheets to take you deeper into your own freedom!

Access to a Private Community 
Connect with other women who are on the same journey-you don’t have to go through this alone!

Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Get affordable coaching each month to accelerate your progress. Each month there will be a theme that we’ll discuss on our calls. The calls include meditation, a mini-lesson, journal questions and sharing.

Bonus Content & Extra Support
You get access to bonuses valuing over $1300. There will be challenges we do as a group, live Facebook videos, eating exercises and more! I always love to offer more support in creative, unique ways 🙂

Premium Bonuses

Support Sister (*Optional)

You’ll have the option to get matched with another person in the group who is on your same journey. Resources are provided for guided check in calls, journal exercises to discuss together and ideas to keep you both moving forward. This is an opportunity to have connection, support and encouragement at your fingertips!

(**optional, value $147)

How to Really Love Your Body (Even If You Don’t Like Your Body!)

This is a deep dive into body acceptance, self-compassion and self-love. You’ll learn to accept your body even if you have weight to lose and don’t like where you are!

(*Value $495)

How to Recover From a Binge Checklist

You’ll get the “After-Binge Toolkit” to walk you through exactly what to do if you end up overeating or bingeing. This will help you move through this challenging time faster, with a plan to move you back into balance immediately.

(*Value $27)

60 Minutes to Easy Meal Planning

Do you feel lost as to what to eat and how much to plan? Use this cheat sheet to plan exactly what to eat. Some people find meal planning very valuable. Others find it diet-y and don’t do it. You get to choose!

(Value $97)

Finally Enjoy Eating at a Restaurant (without Spiraling or Restricting) Mini-Series

If you get food anxiety around eating out or when you’re out of your routine, this is for you. You’ll know how to choose what to eat without feeling restrictive, without ending up in a binge and without feeling like you need to “start over” the next day.  (*Value $47)

7 Step Checklist for When Your Weight Feels Stuck

For when you want both–normal eating AND a balanced weight. Use this checklist to pinpoint exactly where you’re stuck and what to do to move forward.

(Value $167)

Guidebook: How to Decide What to Eat

You know when you’re back and forth in your head, locked in that food battle, trying to figure out what to eat? This guidebook walks you through how to choose when you’re stuck in not knowing whether to “allow” or to “eat healthy”.

(Value $47)

The Ultimate Healthy Snack Shopping List

Snacks used to trip me up–what wasn’t diety? How did I not diet and give myself permission? How big was it supposed to be? I’ve compiled over 50 different snack ideas and a shopping list, so you’ll never feel lost again at snack time!

(Value $77)


Your satisfaction is assured through a no-risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me directly within 3 days of purchase and I’ll refund 100% of your money.


What happens after the 6 months?
After 6 months you will have seen massive changes. There will be an option to continue on for “maintenance” (if you feel like you want support to solidify it even more in your muscle memory) or you can go on your merry way confident in yourself 🙂

But Shouldn’t I Just Know This Stuff?
It seems logical, right? But it’s actually not the case. We may intellectually know what’s healthy and what to eat, but we’ve lost touch with our bodies and the signals they are giving us. Yes, you may know it with your mind, but that doesn’t’ always translate to real life doing. I’ve found it’s almost impossible to do alone, as we get lost in the swirl in our own minds!

How Does It Work? What If I’m Not Tech-Savvy?
If you’re comfortable using Facebook (*optional), checking emails and logging into websites, that’s all you’ll need to be able to do to take full advantage of the 6 month program Club!

What is the age range?
We have had women in their mid 20’s all the way up to women in their 70’s 🙂  We have had all different ages, different career paths, moms, women with no kids, married, not married, etc. What makes this group unique is that we are all different-this offers a chance to hear fresh perspectives-but we’re unified by working towards the same goal: normal eating 🙂

I’m doing XYZ other thing, this isn’t a top priority…
Listen… we all convince ourselves that “now is not the right time”. I’ve done it 980 times and have always regretted it. We MAKE time for what we need (granted, there are always exceptions to this with life circumstances).  Sometimes just a small shift in schedule/time can create a big result!

What if nothing else has worked for me?
I thought that 5746 times in my own journey. This isn’t a prescribed solution–it’s a step-by-step path to help you find what works for YOU. Sometimes, it’s about hearing something in a different way that makes it all click. This program is that voice.

What kind of results can I expect?
That’s completely up to you. While I’d love to say that the minute you enroll you will stop obsessing and you’ll never think about food again, that’s just not true. (In fact, if someone DOES promise this, back away and get the heck outta there!)

What I CAN tell you is that the 6 months is jam-packed with tones of incredible tools, techniques and insights that have helped countless women on their journey. I like to say that what you put INTO it is what you get out of it. So the results you get are up to you!

What if I don’t have time or money?
A little secret–I invested $6000 with a business coach that I didn’t have. How did I get it? I found a way. When you want something badly enough, I believe the stars align and we find ways to get it.

Even if you have vacations planned or can’t “commit”, you can still get immense value from the program. There will be plenty of time to integrate, practice and catch up–it’s built into the curriculum!

6 Months? That’s A lot!
I’ve found 6 months to be the sweet spot–enough time to create real change yet doable for the mind to not be overwhelmed. The path to Normal Eating isn’t created with the snap of the fingers (despite what the diet world thinks!). It will take some work. But when these pieces click…there is no stopping you in the feeling of freedom around food. You’ll look back at your old self 6 months from now and not recognize them.

Should I Still Join if I’m Not On Facebook?
While the Facebook group isn’t essential to the course materials, it is an option if you want it. Some people aren’t on social media, which is totally cool. You’ll still get everything via email, the site, and the coaching calls.

Does my body size matter?
Nope 🙂 This isn’t about size. You can be a bodybuilder or severely overweight…it doesn’t matter. It’s about the obsession around food. We have had women of all body sizes in the Club. It’s not about achieving a certain size, but learning how to make peace around food and love your body. The “obsession” affects all different sized women. That’s part of the benefit of being in the community. You get to feel less alone, so matter what your size!

You are meant to live a joyous life, free from obsessing about food.

Enough waiting.

It’s your time now. Dare to believe being “normal” is possible.

Join us?

So What To Do Now?

Start Your Journey


Sign Up & Create Your Account

Join The Normal Eaters Club, Create An Account And You’ll Get Access To All Of Your Resources Immediately.


The Curriculum Starts June 1st, 2022

You’ll Get Step-By-Step Instructions With The Group And A “Pre-Start” Lesson!


Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall & Find Something That Works!

You’ll Dive Into The Exact Process To Normal Eating With A Supportive Group Along The Way!

(1x payment of $497)

(3x payment, month 1, 3, 5 of $197)


“I can finally look at myself in the mirror and say I love myself and mean it. This has forced me to go deeper in my body and really listen to myself. That’s what I really took away, to trust and know everything is all right. I am just so grateful and lucky to have found Jenn and worked with her. 

She has helped me get to the place I have been so scared to go-truly trusting myself. While I am not sure how much weight I have lost because I am not using my scale, everyone says I look and feel great, and really that’s all I ever wanted. If you are really ready to take the next big step, Jenn is absolutely the one to help!”

Orsi, Caymen Islands